Liposol Clearing Reagent

Lipemic Specimen Clarification: The simple solution


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the reagent alternative to ultracentrifugation.

The use of Liposol™ Clearing Reagent:

Allows the assay of serum which is otherwise too milky for accurate analysis.

Requires NO specialized equipment such as ultra-speed centrifuges.

Requires NO multiple step procedures such as recipitation.

Eliminates the need to send lipemic specimens to reference laboratories.

The benefits of Liposol™ for the clinical laboratory:

SPEED - Specimen cleared in 10 minutes!
CONVENIENCE - Easy to use single reagent methodology!
ECONOMY - 0.5ml of serum may be clarified for about $3.00!
EFFECTIVE- Removes over 90% of lipids without affecting many commonly assayed analytes!
EFFICIENT - Over 95% recovery of serum!


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